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FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 8:00pm EST
speech making all of this for the rest of my life. >> july 16th, 1969, sh time. >> you think about the count down as the curtain opening worry is a wasted emotion. it clouds clear thinking that is absolutely needed when something go wrong. >> the launch another stellar of fire was lost. three-day trip from the earth to the moon without insurance den the. >> we have a happy home. there's plenty of room for the three of us you. >> he coupled the lunar module from the command module and guided safely to the moovenlt on the way down armstrong and aldrin realized they were going long beyond the landing duck and into a boulder. that's when armstrong took over diverting from the plan he was now flying above unfamiliar territory searching for a safe spot to land while running low on fuel. >> we are on far side. looking at the altitude and it is about 100 feet. >> 60 seconds. >> 60 seconds. >> we are still a ways off the ground we have 60 seconds. i am getting concerned. >> we got very tense in mission control biteling our nails and holding our breath because we are running out of gas. i ca
FOX Business
Dec 27, 2012 3:00pm EST
. so guys when you look at the vix, remember, we haven't been at these levels since july, and as one trader just pointed out, we were 80 points lower in the s&p 500 the last time we were at these levels in the vix, so things aren't exactly matching up, and his call would be to short the vix at these levels because it's certainly high for where the market is right now. back to you. ashley: you're absolutely right. sandra smith at the cme thank you. we have juss turned positive, literally just above the water mark, now we have just gone below. you think about it, we were down 148 points. so as sandra says, maybe someone knows something about that meeting on sunday. who knows. but certainly the market reacting. the closing bell ringing in about 16, 18 minutes, somewhere in there. let's call it 17. he made the right call on bank of america when everybody else was saying dump it. founder of new generation research told clients to buy that troubled bank at the end of last year when no one else wanted in. b of a, guess what, has more than doubled since then. now, he's found another treasure
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2